We are here because we love coffee.  That is the philosophy of our team of baristas.  Beginning with Aaron Rauch, we have all found our way here to create a unique shop where the best coffees in the world are brewed with the utmost respect and diligence to craft the best cup of coffee you can find.  So when you order a cup of coffee, a cappuccino, or a latte you can be assured that we have spent hours learning the best methods to prepare the perfect cup.  

Each month you can look forward to coffees from Mad Priest Coffee Roasters. Our selection depends on seasonal availabilty - a schedule that is fairly dependable based on coffee harvests around the world.  Therefore, in late summer you can count on us carrying some African coffees, winter provides many of our South American and Asian coffees, and spring-summer is always a good time for Central American coffees.  

BREW METHODS -  While we do brew coffee into large airpots in order for customers to get a cup quickly, we prefer to brew coffee on an individual basis called a pourover.  There are many different pourover methods, but at The Camp House we prefer to brew via Chemex or Kalita.  This allows us to control more exact parameters in the brewing process, resulting in a better cup.

ESPRESSO - All of our espresso drinks come with two shots (2 oz.) of espresso.  Our drink sizes reflect traditional Italian espresso drinks.  In Italy each type of drink also denotes a specific size.  These sizes are deteremined by the amount of steamed milk added to the espresso.  As the amount of steamed milk increases the espresso flavor becomes weaker and is replaced by a creamy texture and a natural sweetness. 


Mad Priest Coffee Roaster is our local coffee roaster.  Mad Priest vision is to craft excellent coffee, educate the curious, and champion the displaced. Learn more about their mission in Chattanooga on there website: