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We worship each Sunday, learn more.

The Camp House serves as a city commons where people work, meet, and collaborate around food, drink, and social events.


Founded in 2009 as a coffeeshop in the Southside, the Camp House lives today at the center of the Innovation District along MLK as a third space where creatives, entrepreneurs, university students, friends, and families can work, meet, collaborate, and gather around great food and drink.

After hours, the Camp House serves as a venue for community gatherings, concerts, banquets, and other private events.

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The Camp House is a perfect location for your next meeting, party or reception! Located at the heart of Chattanooga's downtown, our space is flexible and accomodating for a variety of events.

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We Proudly Roast

We are coffee snobs, and our snobbery runs deep. We are snobbishly committed to sourcing beans from farmers who are compensated fairly and farming responsibly. We roast each small batch of coffee with snobbish accuracy, in order to draw out the most subtle nuances of that particular bean. We train our baristas to strive for snobbish excellence in crafting your drink. And finally, we are snobbishly nonjudgmental and unpretentious concerning our different customers’ taste preferences. We want you to delight in whatever we prepare for you!
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